Fernando Seminario - Senior Designer | SoFi Brand Landing Page for Social Media
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Create a landing page consolidating the brand’s exclusive benefits for new visitors coming through social media channels using tablet or mobile. Prominently display the brand’s connection with their customers and benefits, such as member events and career advice, while also promoting featured products. Work with the creative team to come up with content that will show the brand as more than just a refinance company.

Meet with stakeholders to understand how the project aligns with business goals, and clearly define design goals to meet them. Push for an agreement with stakeholders about a specific goal (web metric) that the business wants to improve. In this case, increase traffic to the brand pages, while increasing top of the funnel conversion for returning visitors.  Collaborate with various departments, primarily the creative team. Sync the look and feel of the brand with the Creative Director using mood boards. Create personas in order to work with Copy Writers and Designers to empathize with the visitors.

A content rich, fully responsive experience guiding visitors through the brands positive impact on its customer’s personal success, especially their financial goals. Include a new product module that shows the brand is more than just lower rates but more importantly tells a story about its customers . Lastly, include a new module with content from recently hosted events showing a connection with customers and press mentions.

Lead Web Designer

Creative Director, Copy Writer, Designers, and Developers

Web Design
Invision, Responsive, Sketch, Video