Fernando Seminario - Senior Designer | Work By Nature (WIP)
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Everyone has a different way of working and sometimes, for people like me, it is working outside. After many years of working in corporate environments with crummy cubicles I began to itch for a change. As a natural adventurer I searched out locations surrounded by nature while testing cellphone data speeds. I posted a few pictures on personal Instagram and received positive feedback so I created an Instagram account dedicated to the project. Speed tests and pictures are done at every location and reported in the comments section. My first challenge was to increase the battery life on my laptop to more than 45 minutes while using Photoshop. I did some research and came across a company called GoalZero that offered solar and portable battery pack solutions. I bought a Nomad 20 solar panel and the Sherpa 100 power pack from them and battery life increased from 45 minutes to over two hours! There is something relaxing and refreshing about working outside near nature. It really helps to break up the monotony of the every day sedentary cubicle / office lifestyle. Eventually I would like to create a site to showcasing the locations which would allow me more flexibility than Instagram.

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