Fernando Seminario - Senior Designer | VideoCheckout.com Website Redesign
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Redesign the website and create a brand for Total-Apps Video Checkout technology. Determine the best order of content on the page. In order to help the visitor learn the technology show it in use. Determine target audiences and also create copy for headlines.

After taking all the available space on the wall in the meeting room, the concept moved to Invision where it was further revised collaboratively with the rest of the Marketing team. Colors were chosen to communicate a safe (dark blue) but exciting (orange) video technology service. I took the initiative and created a screen recording of product usage and edited to be used as a hero background video. Development consisted of a completely new WordPress site with a signup process that included multiple API calls to different services. Security was added to WordPress site to prevent hacking and an automatic database backup schedule was created.

Front-end Web Developer, Brand, and Web Designer.


Video Checkout by Total-Apps

Branding, Graphic Design, UX / UI Design, Web Design
Appear.js, Contact Form 7, CSS, HTML, Invision, jQuery, JS, Photoshop, Responsive, TinyPNG, Wordpress