Fernando Seminario - Senior Designer | ORIGIN PC Website Redesign
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Two years after the first redesign, mobile visits increased and sparked the need for a responsive redesign. I used Bootstrap 2 to get some traction but foresaw some inefficiencies as Bootstrap 3 was soon to be released. Soon after, I decided to transition the existing work created on 2.0 to 3.0.

Along the way, optimizations were done to increase loading speeds. In addition, image optimization with TinyPNG was also used. When images entered the viewport, animations were triggered using jQuery. A combination of images were used to reveal the chassis of the case as the viewer scrolled. Lastly, LESS was utilized to add efficiency to front-end development. Created in an include file, this easily allow future updates to Bootstrap 3.

To add complexity to the launch, parallel was the launch of ORIGIN PC’s new desktop case. I lead both projects and launched them successfully in Q1 of 2014. This also became an opportunity to flex my creativity in copywriting. Most of the headlines were thought up by me and I assisted in most of the copy writing process.

3D, Branding, Photography, UX / UI Design, Web Design, Web Development
2014, Bootstrap 3, Copywriter, LESS, ORIGIN PC, Responsive, TinyPNG