Fernando Seminario - Senior Designer | Alienware Landing Pages
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Part of my job as a web designer at Alienware was to come up with the design and development for all the promotions. Basically this was a weekly task so new ideas were needed constantly. This played on my strengths in creativity and two of those campaigns are show here.


The first one was a breakthrough in visual direction for the brand as it was the first time game characters cut out of the gaming image and position in a way that the action appeared to be happening live with the products used as walls or objects. I was the individual behind the entire look and feel of the campaign which extended to email and homepage flash animations. Feedback from the CEO and President was extremely positive. As I recall they both said, “We really love it!”.


The second piece was created out of a simple request from Product Group to create a page that educated our customers about the technical side of Graphics. After a few meetings and after I gathered a well rounded sense of the objective of the project I designed and developed what you see here.

As a gamer myself, I injected a style that resonated with the gaming audience for both pieces.

Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Web Design